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Campers Enjoy Environmental Science Summer Camp, Winners Announced

Four campers earned the most points at the Birding Nature Center's annual Environmental Education summer classes held in June.

The top four winners for contest points were Eli Tiller, Maggy Craft, Ava Tiller, Truitt Foltyn.

Contest winners were (from left) Eli Tiller, Maggy Craft, Ava Tiller,

Truitt Foltyn. Instructors are (from left) Diana Frankson and Eva Malina.

Sara Huebner (not pictured) also was an instructor.

Students earned contest points for scavenger hunts, lab stations, water/soil testing, nature collections and crafts.

The fun and informative camp included indoor and outdoor activities in biology, ecology, aquatic science, entomology and crafts as well as information on careers in science.

The main instructor was Diana Frankson (B.S. Biological Ed. and M.S. Entomology), who was joined by Eva Malina and Sara Huebner -- all of whom are CBNC board members.


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